Blackmagic Announces 4K Production Camera

Posted by: | April 8, 2013
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Blackmagic stole the show last year with their Cinema Camera known around town as the BMCC. The $2995 cinema camera featured 13-stops of dynamic range and included a free copy of DaVinci Resolve (a $995 value alone). Many people, including myself on the REDuser forum, scoffed at the notion the Blackmagic Design could possibly outdo themselves this year; heck, the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera (EF Mount) hasn’t even shipped in quantities large enough to fill existing orders! Well, then came NAB 2013 and Blackmagic Design dropped this bombshell on us.

Thanks to Jim Geduldick @Filmbot for the photo, and NoFilmSchool for breaking the story early this morning. More details to come, but here is the proof:

Blackmagic Production 4K Camera

The text says: BLACKMAGIC PRODUCTION CAMERA- $3,995: “Compact 4K camera with large super-35 sensor, global shutter, Ultra HD and 4K support, built-in SSD recorder, touch LCD metadata entry, compressed CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes recording, Thunderbolt and EF lens compatibility, Includes DaVinci Resolve and UltraScopes.”

BLACKMAGIC POCKET CINEMA CAMERA- $995: “Ultra-portable super-16 digital cinema camera with super wide 13 stops of dynamic range. Super 16 sized 1080p HD sensor, built in SD card reader, High resolution LCD, ProRes and Lossless CinemaDNG RAW recording, Active Micro Four Thirds lens compatibility, Micro HDMI monitoring with Overlays”. Photo below of the Pocket Cinema Camera with the F2 14-35 Olympus zoom courtesy of John Brawley:
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera


Blackmagic Production 4K Camera

    -Super 35 size sensor with a global shutter
    -21.12 x 11.88mm active sensor area
    -12 Stops Of Dynamic Range
    -Shoots 23.98/24 and 29.97/30 fps
    -EF Mount
    -Visually lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes 422 (HQ)
    -Thunderbolt and 6G-SDI output
    -Built-in touchscreen
    -Available in July for $3,995

The original Blackmagic Cinema Camera was announced at NAB 2012 and began taking orders right away. The original EF mount option is still seeing orders being fulfilled, so lets wait and see what the executives have to say about possible release dates for the two new cameras. As of right now, no word on any possible price breaks on the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

So it was RED that first promised the elusive “3K for $3K” back when they announced SCARLET. Now we have Blackmagic Design stepping up to the table and proving they are a serious contender in the filmmaking community. If this early announcement sets the tone, NAB 2013 is going to have some surprises in store for all of us. Stay tuned for the latest on the Blackmagic Production 4K camera on this thread.

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